Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Back Pain Guide Program? How does it benefit health plan members?
The AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) Back Pain Guide Program is here to support you in helping your patients receive the care that is appropriate, safe, and affordable. Through proactive identification, we are poised to engage you and your office support staff in the management, treatment, and prevention of back pain and related conditions for your patients. We have developed an approach that works with you to:

  • Promote standard of care through the consistent use of evidence-based criteria
  • Direct care to the most clinically appropriate setting

Your patients’ health plan is implementing the program to help you in your efforts to ensure your patients receive care that is appropriate, safe, and affordable – and delivers improved results for your practice too.

Asking the right questions leads to delivering the right answers at the right time to your patients.

How will the program be administered?
The Back Pain Guide Program will be administered by AIM on behalf of your patients’ health plan, and will proactively identify members for enrollment in the program.

What is the relationship between AIM and the health plan?
The health plan has contracted with AIM to partner with you and your staff to assist your efforts in patient care for the condition of back pain. We will work with you to help manage back pain and related condition treatment options for your patients.

Who is AIM?
AIM Specialty Health is a leading specialty benefits management company with more than 30 years of experience and a growing presence in the management of radiology, cardiology, sleep management, surgical procedures, oncology, genetic testing, musculoskeletal and rehabilitation. Using our expertise and experience in radiology, musculoskeletal, and rehabilitation services, we have created this Back Pain Guide program to promote the most clinically robust care pathways to reduce variation and fragmentation for your patients. Our mission is to help ensure health-care services are more clinically appropriate, safer, and more affordable.

How does the Back Pain Guide Program work?
AIM Specialty Health recognizes the key role that you and other medical practices play in the delivery of care for patients with chronic back pain. Developed in collaboration with your patients’ health plans, our Back Pain Guide Program helps support quality care that is consistent with evidence-based medicine. And that’s good news for your practice and the patients you serve.

Our process
Our solution navigates patients to the right place, right treatment, and right path. Our use of medical evidence for back pain management drives savings, prevents unnecessary treatment, and empowers health plans and their members.

We offer a consumer-centric, condition-based program that enhances outcomes through targeted prevention, provider and member education, and digital intervention.

Core capabilities include:

  • Early member identification
  • Member outreach
  • Digital health platform
  • Chronicity risk stratification
  • Customized treatment pathways
  • Behavioral health integration

Note: Program specifics may vary by health plan. Please verify or check with the patient’s health plan if you have any questions.

Where can I access additional information?
For more information: Our dedicated Back Pain Guide provider website offers you all the tools and information you need. To access, go to:

Note: These questions are not specific to any health plan, if you have further questions about a particular health plan’s program, please coordinate those questions with your health plan representative.