How to Participate

Oncology Management Program for
Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan* and Blue Care Network

*Program applicable to members of select employer-funded health plans

How to participate

The first step in participating is to register as a user of the AIM ProviderPortalSM. The AIM ProviderPortal allows you to initiate the review of cancer treatment regimens for your patients. We call this the “order request” process.

  • Initiate, update, and submit new order requests
  • Identify AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways
  • Retrieve your order summaries

When your practice initiates an order request using the AIM ProviderPortal, the order is evaluated for alignment with AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways and plan medical policy. A regimen that meets clinical criteria is approved in real time, and when your practice selects a designated AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways, you may be eligible for enhanced reimbursement.

How to register for ProviderPortal

Each member of your staff who enters cancer care order requests will need to register in the AIM ProviderPortal. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to and select “Register Now” to launch the registration wizard

Step 2: Enter User Details and select “Ordering Provider” as User Role.

Step 3: Create user name and password

Step 4: Enter the Tax ID numbers for your providers

Step 5: Check your inbox for an email from AIM. Click on the link to confirm.

Program resources

Visit the resources page to access Pathways details, FAQs, and other resources to support your participation.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Worksheets

Our worksheets can help you gather the patient clinical information you’ll need to enter your order request in the AIM ProviderPortalSM.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Clinical Details

Clinical details for all AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways