Getting Your Practice Ready

Develop a Plan

  • Learn how the Program Works
  • Identify Staff Involved
  • Develop internal communications and training plan

Get the word out

  • Announce program to key stakeholders
  • Provide information on upcoming training

Review your patient record systems

  • Work with your EMR team to incorporate Pathways into your system

Prepare your Providers

  • Share Pathways with physicians and other clinical staff
  • Help providers understand the clinical information needed for order requests

Educate your billing team

  • Make sure your staff is aware of treatment planning codes for billing patient health plans

Register and train users

  • Get your hands-on users registered on the AIM ProviderPortalSM and comfortable with the order entry process


Download planning tools for practice managers:

Steps to get your practice ready checklist and timeline

See the information you’ll need to submit any cancer treatment order request:

Cancer treatment order request worksheet

View an interactive demonstration that shows you how to enter an order:

Step-by-step tutorial