Cancer Care Quality Program


AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) recognizes the key role that medical oncology practices play in the delivery of high-value, high-quality cancer care. To support your efforts, AIM and health plans nationwide developed the Cancer Care Quality Program. This website includes resources to help you participate in the program successfully.

Benefits to your practice

  • Actionable information. When your practice prescribes a cancer treatment regimen for a patient and submits it to AIM for review, the prescribed regimen is compared against a comprehensive library of current, evidence-based AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways. If the planned regimen is not aligned with an AIM Pathway, information on evidence-based alternative regimens may be presented for your review.
  • Synchronization with plan medical policy. All prescribed regimens are reviewed in real time for benefit coverage under plan medical policy.

Program resources

Visit the resources page to access Pathways details, FAQs, and other resources to support your participation.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Worksheets

Our worksheets can help you gather the patient clinical information you’ll need to enter your order request in the AIMProviderPortalSM.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Clinical Details

Clinical details for all AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways