How to Participate


How to participate

The most efficient way to participate in the program is to use the AIM ProviderPortalSM.

From the AIM ProviderPortal you can:

  • Initiate new order requests
  • Update existing order requests
  • Identify AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways
  • Retrieve your order summaries

You can access the AIM ProviderPortal through your local Blue Plan provider portal using the Electronic Provider Access functionality available to initiate precertification for out of area members. Contact your local Blue Plan for more information on how to access this functionality in your local provider portal.

If you wish to register in ProviderPortal, or already have an account, you may access the portal directly at

Alternatively, you can initiate or update requests by contacting AIM at 1-866-789-6254. Our contact center hours are Mondays – Fridays, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (CT).

Program resources

Visit the resources page to access Pathways details, FAQs, and other resources to support your participation.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Worksheets

Our worksheets can help you gather the patient clinical information you’ll need to enter your order request in the AIM ProviderPortalSM.

AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways Clinical Details

Clinical details for all AIM Cancer Treatment Pathways