How to Participate

The SelectHealth Medical Oncology Program is administered by AIM Specialty Health® on behalf of your patients’ health plans. AIM Specialty Health collaborates with payors to help improve healthcare quality and manage costs for some of today’s complex tests and treatments.

The first step in participating is to register as a user of the Medical Oncology Program via the AIM ProviderPortalSM, an online application. The AIM ProviderPortal allows you to initiate a review of cancer treatment regimens for your patients who are covered by participating health plans. We call this the “order request” process.

The AIM ProviderPortal allows you to:

  • Submit Prior Authorization for intravenous or Injectable drugs
  • Update an existing one
  • Retrieve your order summary

Getting your practice ready

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It also offers you access to identified Cancer Treatment Pathway regimens, according to your patient’s clinical information and your requested services.

How the process works:


Learn more about the order entry process

View our step-by-step tutorial