Clinical Entry Enhancements

Our clinical entry enhancements are designed to streamline the clinical appropriateness review through a process that more closely matches how practices work today.

Our enhancements can help you:

  • More quickly complete requests online
  • Get an order number with less reliance on AIM Contact Center for administrative support
  • Review and edit clinical details before you submit your request
  • Gain clear, quick feedback when requested procedure does not meet clinical criteria on initial review
  • Reduce the need for peer-to-peer review and, when necessary, make the process more efficient

What procedures are included?

Procedures include, but are not limited to cardiology and oncology exams as well as exams of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine. Major exams include:

  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI)
  • MRI for Cardiac, Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Spine, Extremities, and Breast
  • Resting Echocardiogram
  • Stress Echocardiogram
  • CT for Cardiac, Head, Neck, Sinus, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Spine, and Extremities
  • CTA Abdomen and Pelvis, alone or in combination
  • MRA Abdomen
  • Oncologic PET
  • Bone Density

See how the updated order request process works:
View the interactive tutorial

Get the information you’ll need to enter an order:
Download worksheet

Roll Out Plan

Clinical entry enhancements will be staged over the course of this year.

Look for email announcements from AIM to learn when clinical entry enhancements will be introduced in your market.

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