Frequently Asked Questions

ProviderPortalSM allows convenient, online access to specialty benefits management programs administered by AIM Specialty Health® on behalf of health plan clients.

ProviderPortal is available 24/7 to request clinical review of test and treatment requests.

Registration is required. To register or log in, go to:

For support and training resources, please access the Next Generation Solutions provider website at

Providers also can access a step-by-step tutorial, available on the Provider Resources box, found on the Portal home page. Portal login is required.

You also may contact the ProviderPortal Support Team at (800) 252-2021.

As part of an ongoing process to ensure provider practices have the most efficient and convenient workflow for ordering a clinical review, new features are being introduced within ProviderPortal. These include:

Enhanced user experience:

  • More intuitive interface utilizes terminology and messaging familiar to you
  • Flexible options to enter and search for diagnostic and procedure codes
  • Multiple exams may be entered for review within one request

New clinical entry workflow keeps you even better informed:

  • Revised clinical entry process helps users more quickly complete requests online with less reliance on AIM Contact Center administrative support
  • Detail may be reviewed and edited before request is submitted
  • Clear, quick feedback when requested procedure does not meet clinical criteria on initial review
  • Streamlined ProviderPortal clinical data collection better informs AIM nurses and physicians, making peer-to-peer review more efficient

AIM will send emails to providers registered on the ProviderPortal before enhancements are rolled out to their markets. The email will include a link to the Next Generation landing page and directions to training demos and worksheets for exams. Further, our ProviderPortal Support Team is prepared to answer questions about accessing these materials and using the new functionality.

Please contact our ProviderPortal Support Team at (800) 252-2021 for questions about our Next Generation enhancements and using ProviderPortal.

For additional support and training resources, please access the Next Generation Solutions provider website at

Individual patient cases can be complex and require review by our clinical team. The Additional Information box appears when the data you entered does not meet clinical criteria for automated approval and signals that further review is needed.

The box gives you the ability to provide supporting clinical information specific to each exam you request. This feature saves you time by enabling the AIM clinical review team to better understand your requests before contacting you.

Please include any pertinent information not addressed earlier that may impact the outcome of the request. Most information needed is captured during the automated clinical data entry process. There is a character limit in the Additional Information box so any information provided should be concise and focused on special circumstances not previously covered.

TLS, which stands for “transport layer security,” helps protect data passing between two computer applications. For example, when you are working within the ProviderPortal, the portal is communicating with your web browser.

TLS is a security measure, or protocol, that helps keep the exchange of data between your web browser and the ProviderPortal private.

TLS 1.0 is an outdated version of this security measure that many older web browsers support.

So that your practice’s data and your patient’s personal health information are more secure, starting Saturday, April 22, the ProviderPortal will support only TLS 1.1 and above.

Practices who continue using TLS 1.0 after April 22 will be unable to access the ProviderPortal directly or via single-sign-on (SSO).

TLS 1.0 is an outdated version of the TLS security measure and is no longer considered a best practice in the IT industry. Relying on it can expose applications, like the ProviderPortal and your web browser, to security risks.

On Saturday, April 22, we will finish disabling the TLS 1.0 protocol. To access the ProviderPortal on that day and after, providers must use TLS 1.1 or above.

Our ProviderPortal Support Team can help. The team is available to walk you and your practice through each and every step you need to take to ensure you are using TLS 1.1 or above. Contact them at (800) 252-2021.