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Learn all about recent ProviderPortal updates

To provide the best user experience possible, AIM implements enhancements to our ProviderPortal ongoing. Visit this section to learn about the latest new and improved provider capabilities implemented.

What’s New in Portal?

AIM sends out a survey annually to providers and users of the AIM ProviderPortal.  Your responses have been heard and we have made changes to improve your experience based on that feedback. A significant change to the AIM ProviderPortal is the reconfiguration of the Reference Desk, which we are now calling the Help Center. It has been redesigned based on our users’ suggestions for easier and more intuitive use. We want to thank you for assisting us with this and other changes as we continue to improve ProviderPortal and our internal processes for providers.

Please feel free to provide feedback ongoing to us at: WebCustomerService@aimspecialtyhealth.com, as we strive to make providers and portal users’ lives easier. We look forward to hearing from you during our next provider survey.

Help Center Redesign

AIM is happy to announce that our training videos on ProviderPortal have been reorganized. We built a library for users to easily find the videos that they are looking for by solution, client or module.

When portal users click on the Help Center icon (on the home page), they are directed to a new page which consists of the following modules:

  • Tutorials
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Provider webinars
  • Program reference materials


Upon clicking on each module, the user will be directed to the respective page.

  1. Tutorials On the Help center page when the user clicks on the Tutorials module, they are directed to the new screen as noted.

All the Tutorials are mapped into categories, which include:

  • Create an order request
  • Review an existing order request
  • Enter clinical details for a request
  • Search and select a code for a request
  • Manage your ProviderPortal account
  • Provider management
  • Register for a new ProviderPortal account
  • Access OptiNet® and manage registrations
  • Enter a ‘Medicare Acceptable Use Criteria’ request
  • Provider training

The default view on this page has all the modules collapsed as shown:

When the user clicks on the icon beside each category, the category expands and the user can view all the videos. The duration of each video is displayed beside the video as shown:

On the Tutorials page, the user will have the ability to filter the videos by solution. The default view on the Tutorials page has all the filters hidden. Upon clicking on the ‘Show filters’ button, the system will show all the solution filters. The user can hide the filters upon clicking on the ‘Hide filters’ button.

When the user selects a solution to filter the videos, all the categories will only display videos pertaining to the solution chosen as the filter:


  1. Clinical Guidelines – Upon clicking on this module, the system will direct the user to a page that houses the clinical guidelines for all solutions – https://guidelines.aimspecialtyhealth.com/


  1. Provider webinars – Upon clicking on this module, the system will direct the user to a new Provider Webinars page. This page contains recorded training sessions for providers, which are categorized by solution:

  1. Program reference materials – Upon clicking on this module, the user will be directed to a new page where they can view multiple resources such as FAQs, worksheets, checklists, etc., for each solution:


For more information

If you need technical support with ProviderPortal or new users at your office require registration assistance, please contact 1-800-252-2021, option 2, weekdays 8 AM – 7 PM EDT.