AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) understands the key role that medical practices play in the delivery of care for patients who require imaging studies. Developed in collaboration with your patients’ health plans, our Radiology program helps support quality care that is consistent with current medical evidence and delivered in the most clinically appropriate setting. And that’s good news for your practice and your patients.

Our process

Our review process encompasses:

Imaging Study Review

Using the patient’s clinical information that you submit, we conduct a clinical appropriateness review of your advanced imaging request against our evidence-based clinical guidelines or your patient’s health plan medical policy.

Imaging Clinical Site of Care Review

Imaging Clinical Site of Care is an expanded program in which we review clinical criteria to determine if an imaging service requires a hospital-based outpatient setting, which offers a higher intensity of service resources, or if a free-standing imaging center is a clinically appropriate and available alternative.

There may be circumstances in which a patient’s clinical situation requires that he or she receive an MRI or CT scan in a hospital facility. Based on the information you provide, we will review both the requested advanced imaging scan for clinical appropriateness and the level of care against health plan clinical criteria.

We will also identify alternate free-standing imaging locations and provide those to the physician when the authorization is requested and reviewed.


Register Your Site and Update Your Provider Type in OptiNet®

You can register and update your site of care in OptiNet, an online tool available in the ProviderPortalSM.

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Our pioneering ProviderPortal technology is the fastest, easiest way to submit your request. An online application, ProviderPortal processes your requests in real time, providing you with a central location to obtain authorizations required by your patients’ health plans. Most online requests are approved at intake in five minutes or less. For requests that require additional consideration, our team of nurses and physicians are available to consult with your practice.

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